Are You Afraid Of Being Weak?

When we expect perfection from ourselves, we act as though everything depends on us and not on God. This couldn’t be further from the Gospel that we claim to live out as Christians.

After Conversion – The Advice I Wish I Was Given

What advice can we offer someone who is in the process of conversion? Now that they know what they’re searching for, how can we as evangelists ensure they keep hold of that strong desire to change and live their lives for God?

Jesus, Can I Trust You?

Letting Jesus take the wheel is not easy. I’d rather Jesus sit quietly in the back of the car and speak up if I’m going to crash.

When Faith Stops Feeling

Many times I have wondered: if prayer doesn’t make me either want to throw my hands or fall to my knees, am I doing something wrong?

Waiting for the King

Advent isn’t a time for feeling “Christmassy”, or waiting for the Coca Cola advert to tell us that “holidays are coming” and that we can start listening to Christmas music and put up our decorations.

When Venial Sins Lure Us Away

It’s easy to underestimate venial sins – that is, lesser sins. In the grand scheme of things what damage can a lie do, especially if it has no obvious consequences?